The thought of a blue-eyed girl passes by
A resemblance of a happy moment
The words withheld, silence, a comforting sound
One that grips and somehow freezes time
The ache held back with pride claws at the flesh
And just like me, I got up, gone and went
Another day, ending sore and tired
To another night, attempting to sedate
Wake to work, to wait to want to leave here
I don't need the stealers and liars
Want to get back home, back where I belong
And there just so happens to be a place
That blue-eyed girl passes through my thoughts again
Could you be the one to steal me away?
An uneasy ease of mind confronts me
It's not unwise to say this is a game
Life's not that simple, thats such a sad thing
How could one stand any more of today?