I want to buy a new guitar and amp. For the amp I chose a Vox VT15/30/50 ?

For the guitar I was thinking Epiphone but there are many models and I need help to choose.

The new slash model is out and I like the sound of it, is there a difference between the goldtop and the other finishes ?

The slash model might be too expensive for me, which one should I buy ?

I mainly listen to : Green Day, Sum 41, Lenny Kravitz, Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace, No Doubt.... you get the idea.

And for the amp, is it worth to buy the 50 watt model instead of the 30 or 15 watt model ? I only play in my room, but I use to think that my Fender Blues Junior didn't have a lot of presence, like if the sound was coming out from a small hole.
If your playing in your room 50 watts is a ridiculous amount of overkill.
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best choice of Epiphone is a SGcant go wrong with SG's there comfortable andsound really good and look badass.
whats the price range on the guitar?

if you have enough buy the slash les paul or a custom.

The sgs are good guitars but theres better ones. plus they neck dive like hell.
I have an SG special from Epiphone... I have a small, Line 6 *cringes* 15 watt amp in my room, and it's loud enough to play in front of small groups.

#1 - Get an Epiphone SG. Good, solid guitar that won't set you back a whole lot.

#2 - Get a small, GOOD 15 watt amp. If you can afford it, I recomend getting a small all tube amp... Orange Tiny Terror Maybe?
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I own an VT15 and if all you're going to do is play in your room it will be plenty of amp (and a darn good one for the price imo). I also keep it all in the room but rarely get to push the volume above around a 4 if anyone else is home (courtesy and all). I turn it up to 8 or so when no one is home and it filled up my living room quite nicely.
I would possibly check out Blackheart amps. The Little Giant is a 5/3w switchable tube amp, and it comes in either a combo or halfstack (both $350 US)

Like some said above: If you can afford it, get the Slash model (goldtop IMO. One of the few LP's that I like) or a custom. If you can't afford that, maybe go with a Standard. My local GC had a Goldtop Standart LP for $200. The pickup selector was messed up and it had these weird green tuners, but it played just like any LP: really nicely.
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Not 100% sure, but I think the only real difference between the slash model versus the Standard is the locktone bridge and the alnico II pro pickups. You could just get the epi standard and just grab those extra parts later on if you wish.