Hello all...is there any way to tell if pots are righty or lefty? Did they even make lefty pots in the 70's?

I have a early 70's lefty Ibanez LP that is not wired up and I am not sure if they are true left handed pots or not.
I'm pretty sure all pots are the same..
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pots are round so I would figure there wouldnt be a diffrence in righty or lefty

Yes there are lefty pots and would think they were available...however, knowing how they did things back then(and now)...I would assume that they used right handed pots and just wired them backwards...which just does not work well imo.

Hoping someone knows for sure how to tell the difference. :-)
There aren't lefty pots... There are just 3 connections on the back of the pot. Each of the outsides short to the center. How could this not work well? It does the exact same thing, just on a different lug.
There's no such thing as a 'lefty' pot. Pots work both ways, you just have to reverse the lug's you'd find in a right handed diagram
Yes there are, I ordered a set from Allparts last week. Spoke to a few people including Tim at Bareknuckle who all said you need to get left handed pots.

You can reverse the wiring but it doesnt work that well with the tapering or something.

Saying that though, a friend of mine has a lefty Gibson LP and it has right handed pots in it so when you back it off its all up full . . . wierd but most lefty guitars pots are like that?