This is a stupid question sorry, this thread is only temporary.
I'm looking at purchasing and installing active seymour duncan AHB-1 pickups in my ibanez mtm2. This wiring diagram is the closest i can find


It includes diagrams: 2 volumes 2 tones, 2 volumes 1 tone, and 1 volume 1 tone.

Now is this reffering to the knobs on the guitar ?

My ibanez mtm2 guitar has just the one volume knob and a 5 way switch
Should i be searching for a 1 volume diagram?

I know how stupid this is, i'm only new two guitar electronics.

I will delete this thread after someone answers
Yes it's referring to the knobs (and the potentiometers that they control) on the guitar.

What positions does the 5way give? Looking at a picture it's just 2 humbuckers which are normally just a 3way switch.

If you're changing from passives to actives you need to: swap the current pots to 25k models, swap the current jack for a stereo one, wire in the battery to the new circuit. These come with the new actives. Remove the ground wire (if present) from the bridge/trem/trem claw. Depending on the space in the control cavity you may need to rout extra space for the battery + battery holder (if used). While you're changing all this you might as well replace the 5way with a 3way blade switch for ease of wiring.

It should look like this (butchered the SD diagram, basically removed the tone from the circuit):