So I've decided that I want to invest in a noise gate/reducer soon.

Which is better between these two pedals? I hear a lot of good about the ISP and how it doesn't suck tone, or drown out pick attack, but is it really true? and worth an extra $35-40 over an NS2?

Keep in mind that I'm trying to spend less than $150 US on this, as I'm more focused on upgrading my amp than dropping a ton of cash on anything super high end like a rackmounted noise reduction system (not that I even have a rack setup, lol)

I play mostly high-gain metal and a bit of various other rock styles (but mostly metal). My primary use for the pedal would be to stop feedback between songs, or at "stop and go" type parts in songs. I don't mind having to shut the pedal off before switching to a clean part if I need to.

Also, if it helps, I'm not a big pedal user. Once I upgrade amps, the only pedals I intend to use (at least in a live setting) are a noise gate, wah, and maybe a chorus.

my NS-2 doesn't suck tone or drown out pick attack.
it depends how you set it up.
some people like ISP and some people like NS-2.
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Try both. I own an ISP but I've never tried the NS-2. From what I've heard, it's superior.
The one that sucks tone is the MXR Smart Gate, at least it killed all my attack when I tried it.

Don't rely on the pedal just because you don't have good muting technique when you play riffs either. A pedal isn't at all essential for what you want it for, just learn to play better.
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I use both
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Having played both they are both good. The ISP is a very solid pedal and is simple to use, the NS-2 has more features. Try them out and see