Mortal Home

She comes to me in my sleep

I can feel her soul softly weap

Can I save this girl in my dreams

In my sleep I hear her screams

Where did this girl come from

I see her every time I step into my dreamdom

I feel her life slipping through the hourglass

Darkness covers her like a black sash

I feel her pain I feel her fear

Some of my visions remain unclear

I hope to make since of this

To make sense of her story for a curious

I see her laying in a pool of her own life

Fallen victim to the dangers of the night

I have to save her on my own accord

I have to find this orchard

I feel her pain I feel her fear

My visions are slowly starting to clear

Her life slips away as she lays there

I know the orchard I don't know where

In danger of missing someone who's always there

Is she a stranger?

Is she a lover?

Why did she choose me and not another?

I feel her pain I feel her fear

My visions are suddenly clear

I see a street sign I see a road

All of a sudden eyes open I don't see her laying there on her own

Instead I'm laying in bed trapped in my mortal home