We're a band called Savage Tundra.
Unfortunately our second guitar-player left us and now we have an open spot.
We're looking for someone who knows quite a lot about playing guitar.
He must be able playing riffs smooth and fast and know all kind of licks.
Our band has had 11 big gigs all around Holland including shows like the Rijnweek.
We have got 5 own songs and we play existing songs as well.
If you're interested, please let me know.
Rock on!
We've got our own songs and some other tracks like My Generation and Chop Suey but without vocals as well. Do you want me to post those as well??
What style do you guys play?
I want to make my band but no succes so far, im playing guitar for a year now but seeing that you guys played on so much gigs already make me worry im not good enough..
You've got some mp3's of you playing??
Our ex-guitarist only played for 1.5 years.
But we play Metal, Rock etc.
If you like music of Disturbed or Slipknot, thats what we play.
You don't have to hold the door open for me
I can do that myself