Ok i want the tone that is at the start of this video!


That is the start of the video by Avenged seven fold. unholy confessions.

That tone is really liek raw and chrunchy.

I want that tone,

It has him sitting next to that crate amp..

But i only have 800-1000 New zealand dollars, (that like 400-500 U.S dollars)

So what amp do i buy to get that sound?

Please help!
Well, you're not gonna get that tone without a Bogner Uberschall and all of Synyster's effects.

Save up 300 more and get a B-52 AT-112. I think they're $1300NZ. You won't get that exact tone, but you'll be giving yourself a chance to get close.
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Synyster's rig:
Parker Fly
Gibson Les Paul customs
Mesa boogie Dual rec's

and zacky's rig
Schecter s-1's
Schecter c-1 hellraiser
Marshall (i think jcm800)

you can't afford any of that
but a Bugera could get you very close
honestly a Roland cube will get you there too

ALSO: You play a telecaster with single coils this will not get you this tone in anyway you'll need some humbuckers (duncan invaders) for that
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
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but man thats not his recording tone?

It like a guy sitting there with a crate amp at the start..

or is that loaded with all his effects?
oh that tone

that tone is muddy as hell and certainly not a tone you wanna have
and that guy is M. Shadows dude
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
that tone is really bass heavy and has no definition - try max your bass, no mids and a bit of treble, but not enough to properly hear what youre playing.
Anyone else think that it was Avenged Seven Fold actually playing the intro part. I was like what it sounds like there typical tone to me whats this guy talking about. Then I read that it was the guy sitting on the floor playing through the crate. Opps

There stuff/tone all sounds the same to me even when its getting played through a $200 crate.. lol
High output humbuckers, a solid state crate with scooped ass tone and the gain dimed
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