I currently own a traynor ycs100 amp head and I'm considering trading it for a peavey 6505+.. I'm playing alot of metal/hardcore type stuff like august burns red, misery signals, darkest hour.. what do you guys think? should I sell my traynor and buy the 6505+?
You have a lot more voicing options with the Traynor, almost as much gain on tap, and a better warranty. To be perfectly honest, keeping the Traynor would be wise considering your needs may one day change. I was very impressed with the metal tones I could squeeze out of a YCS100. I think it would be wise to try and find a situation where you can sit down with both at the same time to see what will suit your needs better in the short term.
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For those bands he likes the 6505 would sound better imo. But I guess I'm kinda biased because I own 4 of them and it's my favorite amp. For me I haven't really heard anything I liked more than my peaveys. The Traynor is a decent amp though. It doesn't have as much gain but close to it but it's not as much of a pissed off gain like the 6505.
Although both amps are great, the Traynor is much more versitile. I have a YCS100 as my main amp, and believe me, there are excellent metal tones within that beast. The 6505 might be a little better in the distortion department, but it lacks a true clean channel and all of the other features the traynor has.