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Middle finger
16 44%
Index finger
20 56%
Voters: 36.
Hey fellas,

I recently sort of decided to learn how to double pop (i.e. use 2 fingers), but it's going slowly and it's really taking second seat to my practice on 3 finger plucking. Anyway, while practising it I noticed that in some ways popping with my index finger is easier than using my middle finger, and I've noticed that quite a few slap players pop with their index and not their middle finger.

I'm basically trying to figure out which finger I should stick to for single popping in the future, and I was wondering if people would be so kind as to tell me which finger they use so I can get perspective on it. Feel free to use the poll or just comment, whatever. I'm doing this just out of curiosity; I will most likely stick to my middle finger cause I feel more comfortable with it, and I get a better pop tone with it imo.
When I slap and pop I often alternate between popping with my index and popping with my middle.
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index except for now, since i have a cut on my index and (of course) it hurts to pop with it
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