ok, so i want to buy some pedals, ive never bought any pedals before and have no experience

i want some starter pedals and am not sure which ones to buy?

im planning to get a dunlop cry baby and a boss ds-1 but i would also like some other cool effects to play on clean or distortion channels

what sort or pedals am i looking at?

and what prices?
try some kind of chorus pedal.
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I'm a huge fan of delays to be honest, but phasers, tremolos, flangers, ring mods, steps, choruses, wahs and envelope filters are all pretty cool.

Perhaps you should go for a multi-effects pedal first so you can play around with a whole lot.

It all depends on how experienced you are and how picky you are with sound. For example, if you want to experiment with lots of effects and don't mind if they're not recording standard, a cheap multi effects unit might be the thing.

Line-6 Pods are good, but quite pricey and high quality, so as far as cheap multi-effects pedals go, I reccomend the Zoom G1X. I have one from back in the day (about a year ago ;-P) and they're all right. It has all the wahs etc. for pissing around with.

But if you want a single effect stomp, I'd say Boss DD-7, but thats just me.

Hope this helped.