Alright, heres my cover of smells like teen spirit, just go on my profile and listen to it.
It's my first song I've recorded, it's not very good because of reasons decribed in the discription of the song (The whole mic thing). Looking for critique.
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a little fast but i love the solo!
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Way to fast.

The drums sound really computerized, I guess they are?
Either that or your drummer is a robot.

The pickslides got really annoying, maybe turn them down in the mix so that they don't take over everything else.

I just read the description, for a laptop mic', that's fxcking good quality.

I would offer to do vocals for you, but I have bit of a cold at the moment.
Aswell as the tempo thing, I'd prefer it if it were more like the original tempo.

The solo was very nice, nothing like the original, but it was a very nice addition. Just a little sloppy.

Could use some work, but pretty damn good.

If I get the time, I might be able to sort out a backing track for you, with the original tempo and a more realistic drum sound. If you wanted that is.
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Great cover! only thing i didnt like was the rhythm guitar that was clean during the solo.
Yea the drums were made in FL studio really quickly so that would be why. I just bought an audio interface so I can re-record the whole thing fixing up all those things. Most of them I was aware of but just couldnt be bothered changing (my studio is quite clostraphobic). The main reason that it is fast is so the solo wouldn't sound so slow, I guess I'll just have to record the song slower and play the solo in double time which is going to be F*ckin hard but I'll try it anyway.

Then we'll see if any of you guys feel like singing for it so it doesn't sound as dull as an instrumental.
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