so im looking for a nice gary moore/slash type les paul tone, with lots of gain and good sustain and stuff like that but also something that can cover fairly heavy bullet for my valentine type tones although this is less important.

£50-£100 is my budget. But hopefully in the lower part of this as im saving up for an orange amp i was thinking maybe of the EHX big muff but not sure, blackstar look like quite nice pedals too although a little pricey.


EDIT: im playing a Gibson SG Standard by the way
Big Muff is a good option... might need my flame shield here, but see if you can try out the BOSS Turbo Distortion... you might be able to find some settings on that you like.
I wouldn't get the Metal Muff. It's dire.
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ide go for a cranked pre amp tube with a ts9 or sumthing drivin it harder, just use an isp decimator if ya have too much noise it doesnt effect tone