Yesterday, I got the Boss Me-50 for Christmas, it had been recommended me by a friend and I had been shown it by a music shop guy (for some reason, the guy did not let me have a go, which I was abit un-nerved about, but went ahead and ordered it anyway). I'm into alot of Muse, Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine, among other bands like the White Stripes. So, obviously, pitch-shifting Whammy effects are way up there on my want list. Now, the Octave Down on the Me-50 is quite good, but I feel the octave up sounds too organy or too synthesized? And I dunno, the wah feels abit... Weak when you leave it fully forward?

Is this one of those things that you have to get used to?
Cheers for reading, hope you can help me
A multi-effects pedal is never going to be as good as seperate stompboxes, but as far as multi-effects go, the ME50 isn't too bad. It's not the best, but it's not a piece of junk either. Play with your settings a bit, you should find a few you like.
youd be hard pushed to find a whammy pedal that doesnt sound synthetic, even the digitech whammy does, though from personal experience the difference between the quiality of the two in relation to the octave+ and octave- is pretty minimal.
I agree with you in relation to the wah, on most of the boss multi-fx the wah's are pretty weak.
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^ I have the BOSS ME30 and the Wah is terrible, I borrowed my mate's Cry Baby for most of last year for my school exams and stuff.
Thing is, it's not like I've had THE BEST effects units so far. I've only had my Yamaha Pacifica and a Cube 30X...
whammy effects on most multi effects, especially the lower end ones, usually have that crappy sound to them. even on my pod xt, the tracking is terrible on the "bender" effect. thats why the digitech whammy is so friggin expensive. wah's on multi effects also tend to lack sometimes.

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Hmm, I just feel abit disappointed by the thing. I don't think disappointed is the right word.. The Me-50 does just about everything!

I've got enough money to buy a Whammy.. But I'd feel abit bad? It's like someone buying you a car, and you going out and buying a better one the next day?

Hmm, anyone got any advice?
When I had mine my main problem was the effects on the expression pedal.So I see where you're coming from. But as a whole, it's a great unit.

There's not a lot you can do as there are no tweakable settings for the wah. So I guess either get used to it, or get a seperate one.
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