Its an Epiphone les Paul shaped with sharktooth inlays and bolt on and its made in Thailand.

He is selling me for around 140 pounds.

This is is pakistan bdw.

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Im not planning to buy it. Though it did play and feel nice.

Im just wondeering if its fake or real?
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why's it matter if it plays and feels nice? isn't that the only thing that matters?

Haha, just as I read that "Nothing else matters" came on.
Dont think epis are made in thailand at all. And never seen an epi with sharktooth inlays. And its a bit high for a bolt neck epi LP.
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Its a fake, but if it played and felt nice no reason why you shouldn't buy it i suppose. Make sure there isnt like...coke in the body or something

Only one way to find out.

You have to smash it open.

But i agree. Sharktooth inlays? That's the biggest red flag. And bolt on neck? To my knowledge only the Epiphone les pauls that are the Les Paul 100 and cheaper have bolt-on necks, and possibly the old goth models.