Okay, so got a fair bit of money for christmas. So i'm looking for a new power bank so that it can be a bit more tidy then having all the 12 volters into an extension lead.

What im looking for is:

1.) 8 9v power supplies, 2 12v and i think my electric mistress is a 24v.
2)Can't really be more than £100-£120.

Is there one that can do that?

All suggestions welcome and thanks in advance, Aidan.
search on thee web or look into local hardware stores.
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Ones I know (now a USA person, so don't know if any of these sell in EU):

T-Rex Fuel Tank Power Supply -- 8 9 VDC and 2 12 Volt (one is DC other AC).

There is another fuel tank (T-Rex 12V Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply) with only 12 Volt supplies. Perhaps augmenting with something like a V-Spot for the 9 Volts would work then.

Gator G-Bus 8 - 8 9V outputs and 3 - 18V outputs (not 12 Volts however)

Seems most have 18V supplies to augment the standard 9 Volt. There is a Voodoo labs that also has a standard (this is USA plug) on it for an extra wall-wart.

These are at least some brands to research.
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