Hey all, just got got a Crate V18 as a Christmas gift. I love this thing! It sounds great (outside of the slightly muddy overdrive). The problem is I will be moving back to my apartment soon here and I would really like to actually play it without getting noise complaints. Is there a set of good headphones I could use and keep the tone in tact? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I don't think you'll find any headphone that gives you the same tone as hearing your axe through your speaker(s). However, if you want to come close, just look for an over-the-ear type. It will have the best bass response and sound better than the type that fit in your ear. I have an over-the-ear Altec Lansing headphone that sounds pretty decent and also gives some passive noise cancellation. I also have a Bose QC2, which has active noise cancellation. Do be careful wearing headphones and playing at loud levels. It's quite easy to damage your hearing.