Well I just bought a little big muff, and it rocks!
I use a visual sound 1spot power supply + daisy chain for my other pedals but the little big muff needs a special power supply. I actually do have a converter to fit the little big muff that came in the 1spot combo pack, but I need that spot on the daisy chain for a different pedal.

So my question is simple, please don't suggest any alternatives.

Where can I buy an EHX power supply?
I need the 96DC-200BI power supply.

The ehx site says on the page (http://www.ehx.com/products/little-big-muff-pi)
optional power supply available, but I can't find where I can buy one.

The booklet with my muff said I can buy power supplies from newsensor.com, and they do have the power supplies, but you can only order with a minimum purchase of $50, BS!

so someone please help me and tell me where i can buy a 96DC-200BI power supply.
googling it gave me some online stores in the UK, which is a no.
Ebay gave no results.

Please help,
i think you can buy more extensions for the daisy chain assuming you have another spot in the chain
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there should be 2 converters for that size when you got the 1spot combo, assuming you got the combo pack.