hi guys, I'm new here, will tell ya my life story another time lol
anyways, my band is gonna start making demo recordings soon and most of the local bands round here have a decidedly ****ty and weak drum sound on their stuff, obviously we wanna avoid this (we're a rock band so want a fairly big punchy sound)
just wanted to ask about any tips for recording live drums yourselves? (i.e. not in a studio with the luxuries of a producer and expensive mics etc)

we recorded rehearsals a while back with a camcorder and got a surprisingly good drum sound, we were thinking maybe record drums like this (live as it were) and then layer guitars, bass, vocals etc onto my 4 track and/or goldwave

any suggestions?
find a good spot in the room if your using one mic, and if your using more, make sure one is on the snare, and one on the bass, and then one up top.

i dunno thats what i would do.