I'm looking to get a DISTORTION pedal. I've been looking around and have laid eyes on the MT-2 by BOSS. If you have this pedal are you happy with it? Any other suggestions? Obviously i play alot of metal and some low end rock. Budget of about $100
I have one and i use it a lot. I think it's good and would reccomend it. I think the tone sounds a bit thin though.

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Nah, unless you're getting them from keeley, Boss's metal pedals are lame and overpriced for what you get.
I recommend the Metal Muff.
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Get the ml-2 instead of the mt-2. Imo it sounds fuller than the mt-2.

^ This.

If you want old school metal - EHX Metal Muff.
If you want a more modern metal sound - BOSS ML2 Metal Core.
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I played a few MT-2's and i was never truely impressed. Way too buzzy and thin.
hardwire metal distortion.. dont go for the boss stock metal zone. it suffers at louder settings. it sounds muffled. then theres the ehx metal muff. but some players do not like it for its fuzz like qualities, but that thing is really heavy.
I have a boss pedal and it is great for metal distortion. It isn't the same model as the one you are suggesting, but of the boss distortion pedals I have played, they are great for metal distortion. And at an affordable price, too.
Hardwire metal distortion pedal is great imo... great clean-cut, tight metal distortion. Or loose bottom end if you want you can just flip a switch on it. Much better than boss pedals at the same price...

either that or metal muff...
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I have one but I am a beginner. It works for me but others who have move experience may find something else better. What I did was go to guitar center and messed with the boss display for about half an hour. It got me the sound I wanted. The main issue I have with it is getting it to sound right when tuning to a drop d and down 2 steps. Seems too boomy if that makes sense. Maybe I am setting it wrong.