So, I have 32 different basses.
But I was looking for a nice, cheap bass I could take on vacation without it being damaged or something.
So I talked to my bass tech, and we looked around.
Finally, we came to the decision to get a cheap Rouge 5-string for about 220$.
I expected almost nothing from this, but I was WRONG.
This is actaully a quality bass guitar!
The frets are smooth, but not too smooth for tapping.

Anyone else play a rouge?
Anyone else think they are good?

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Surely THE Victor Wooten could afford a hard case?

Edit: Also, I didn't think anyone could get their date of birth wrong.

IF I played my bass on the beach, it wouldnt matter.
Which is where im going in a month!
Just take the cheapest bass you have. Wrap it up in bubble wrap put it the neck and body in your luggage, a new set of strings, not much is going to go worng.
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