Mexi Tele into a Champion 600 with a Boss BD2 in front. play rhythm stuff and riffs. no lead.

1. Reverb or wah next?

2. If reverb is the Holy Grail the best on out there?

Play classic rock/ alt country.
Ok I get the whole no wah thing.

What other pedals would you suggest for rhythm? I was thinking of a Fuzz next after the reverb!?!

What else?
Reverb= Look for a Line6 Verbzilla or, if you don't wanna spend much, a Danelectro Corned Beef.

Then start looking at fuzz pedals. For your styles, a Fuzz Face would be the way to go.
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Reverb is the way to go - look at the Holy Grail or the Verbzilla (like other people have already mentioned).

Next look into either a fuzz or possibly grab yourself a decent chorus to make your clean passages shimmer.
What do you think of the MXR Silicon Fuzz, after the reverb pedal is bouhgt, as a next purchase?

And my "chain" should go - BD2, Mxr, Reverb-- right?