Hi, i need serious help
I've learnt songs like Sweet child O' Mine and Welcome to the Jungle. I want a challenge but not as hard as Dragonforce or the Metallica solo's. Im in a band aswell that plays anything has anyone got any ideas what cover songs we could play that would get the crowd goin?
Most of Metallica's solos arn't all that hard off of the Black Album. I would try some good old Sabbath, like War Pigs or Sweet Leaf. For something a bit more modern, maybe Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria.
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You could start by trying songs that AREN'T from guitar hero. Everyone's heard those songs so many times that they are actually annoying, especially when people cover them.

If you want to "get the crowd going", write something yourself. Nobody wants to hear ANOTHER cover of Sweet Child. If you MUST cover songs, try Sabbra Cadabra by Metallica (originally Black Sabbath, but Metallica's is cooler IMO), Layla by Eric Clapton, or Foetus of a New Day by Cradle of Filth. All of those songs are songs that if you play them badly, they will be terrible, but if you play them well, it should turn out well.