I got a good bit of money for christmas, and along with the money I saved up I'll have about 800 euro to spend (Yes, euros I'm in the Netherlands).

Check out my sig for my current gear, and my profile for my band which is 100% what I'll be playing.

I'm going to be playing several solos for my band in 2009, so I'll need a guitar with a tremolo. Recommend me a metal guitar with a tremolo! Either the full monty or perhaps a cheaper model where I upgrade some parts.

I've been looking at a schecter damien FR b-2 where I could upgrade the pickups and trem...or perhaps a schecter blackjack ATX fr.

go for it!
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get a nice ESP
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I would go with the Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX FR, its a great guitar for the price, the SD Blackouts are amazing pups and it has the OFR. I wish i had the money for it because i would get it in an instant
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get ESP or Ibanez

ESP at 800? Nah dude those start at like 1500 euro here, and I used to own an LTD but I didn't like it all that much. (LTD EC-500)
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Aren't Washburns good value in Europe. I'd look at the X50 series...
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get a nice ESP

Yeah do this.
You can't go wrong with some nice high end ESPs
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Yeah i got schecter, they are good

have you compared the ATX to the hellraisers? What you think
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Dude ga voor een ibanez s serie, met emg's. Of uhm iets van Jackson.
Kijk bij nederland muziek, daar hebben ze vast wel wat liggen.

Ik vond de Ec serie niet lekker spelen, maar de horizon's en mh zijn best goed te vertoeven hoor.