I use a PODxt live but I hated sitting using programs like Gearbox and Line 6 Edit.

I seen the new POD Farm which looks awsome, so I downloaded it, but it says in order to use with the xt Live I had to buy a patch at around £30 or so.

So I bought it, but its still not recognising the PODxt Live.

I asked on the LINE6 forum and they said about it not being able to be used as a standalone editor, you can use it as the VST or something.

So I got Cubase and managed to work out how to load it with that but it plays through my PC speakers and theres a terrible lag and it sounds awful.

I want to be able to hear it out of my amp (peavey vk112).

Can anyone give me any guidance on the best way I can use this amazing little cool looking software but still hear it via the amp.


Wait, you want to mic the amp or use the POD with the VK?
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I want to create the tone on the PC, transfer it to the PODxt which will play out of my Valveking 112.
Ah its not designed for that purpose. Basically its for recording, you would basically record all your parts with a mixer before your amp so that the recorded sound direct from the mixer would be totally dry. You can then re amp to your hearts delight with the Amp Farm. It was never designed to be used in real time hence the horrible delay.

For editing patches on the xt live you are, im afraid, stuck with Gearbox.
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Awell money wasted

Anyways do you know any good sites where I can download peoples custom tones for the PODxt Live.

I looked on Custom Tone and couldnt find any for what I liked.

I managed to make one I was happy with for a while, but I then lost it by mistake when I copied an old clean tone over my nice distortion one
There's a tone exchange group here, and I guess you can ask any of us for specific tones. Most of mine are just off the Custom Tone site and then tweaked slightly to my liking...I really want to start a site for good Pod tones, but I don't have the programming know-how.
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