Hi Everyone, its my first time posting. I currently own a Gibson Custom LP, extremely nice guitar and am happy with it. But like most people will understand want to get another guitar. Am thinking PRS Custom 24, or an Ibanez/Jackson? Any thoughts? I play basically anything my level allows me to, Metallica, Classic Rock, Blues. Hope someone can lead a newbie to the forum on what I should get. Thanks!
If you want a different sound from the second guitar, I suggest a Fender Strat or Tele, or something with P-90s or maybe mini-humbuckers. Fender Strats will give you excellent blues tones, and some good classic rock lead tones.
prs custom if u want something similar to your les paul or a fender strat/tele if you want something completely opposite.
A single coil guitar would be the best complement if you alraedy own a Les Paul. A strat or telecaster is like the polar opposite, so you'll have a completely different tone.

Fenders are hard to find in Moscow, though. It's as if every store sells nothing but Gibson and Epiphone...
Its true about Moscow, how did you know? You spent some time here? A friend of mine is flying from New York so he can bring me a guitar. But of course it sucks that I am not able to try it out.
I have an lp custom too!

PRS is the only other guitar i have found to compare to it.
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Fender American Tele

Orange Rockerverb 50
Orange PPC412
A fender jaguar!

I've got gibson les paul combined with the jaguar I could play everything I want. I've got a special edition of the jaguar though the jaguar HH (with humbuckers instead of single coil).