im about to go get a noisegate, probably the boss ns-2.

so my understanding is that it makes a "threshhold" which the sound has to break before it will come out on the other end. so i was wondering once this threshhol is broken when i strum a chord does it

a) break and let all sound through as if it wasnt even there


b) let sound above the threshhold through while still eliminating any extra sound that falls below the threshhold


c) do something else that i havent considered
If you're willing to spend more, the ISP Decimator is a better noise gate that doesn't suck as much of your tone as the Boss NS-2.
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Have you tried getting rid of the noise by other means? You could fix the noise for much less than the cost of the pedal if you know where the noise is coming from.
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so i just got the ns-2 and its awesome so far. I love it. One thing i was wondering about. If i bought a multi pedal power supply like this one CLICK HERE would it work for any pedal that is a 9 volt? i have two boss pedals right now and was thinking about buying this to avoid buying a new power supply for every pedal. I was a little concerned though because i know you can **** a pedal by plugging the wrong power supply in.

also, are pretty much all pedals 9volt?

edit: I just thought of something, that power supply looks just like the standard one with some kind of splitter that splits the plugs up. Could i just buy one of these somewhere like radioshack and use by one boss adapter?
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You can power the NS-2 with Boss adapter, then buy the Roland daisy chain to plug into the NS-2's second dc input. Then you can power several pedals with the NS-2.
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cool, ill do that, one thing i noticed though, the power supply in the link i posted was 1700MA (im guessing some kind of power rating?) and on the boss adapter it says 250MA, is this going to be enough power to run two pedals for now? and more in the future?