Names Sydney and I got a fender for xmas! I'm having trouble understanding somethings. What do the words: bend, muffled string, full half & 1.5 bend, and vibrato. Also, how do you bring a note back to normal. anything would help, thanks.
Welcome Sydney and congrats on your new guitar.

To answer some of your questions to the best of my ability:

Bend = exactly what it says, you actually bend a string or strings in order to achieve the pitch of a different note. For example: a half bend would be pushing the string up or down to achieve the pitch of a note that is a half step higher than the current note you are playing. Same with the full and 1.5 step bend.

Muffled String = Palm Muting. Using the fleshy part of your strumming hand to "mute" the strings to achieve a deadened sound from teh notes. This is done a lot in heavire music like metal or hard rock.

Vibrato = Moving your wrist on your fretting back and forth while holding a note to achieve a modulated effect. Kind of a "wavy" sound.

I hope this helps a little bit at least.
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If I may, there are a number of great stickies at the top of this board. The Read the ****ing Sticky! er... sticky in Musician Talk-> Advanced Technique helped me a great deal and gave me some good advice. Other ones are just as helpful, I'm sure.
If this is your first guitar then forget bending and vibrato for the time being, it's not something you're going to be able to learn yet. You learn to bend AFTER you've learned the basics of picking and fretting notes and that alone is going to take several weeks....and your fingers aren't going to be strong enough to control a bend for quite some time, likewise your ears aren't going to be able to zero in on the correct pitch.

Start at the beginning - open chords are the best place to start, learn E, A and D first. Work on the absolute basics, just holding them down and being able to pick and strum them accurately so all the notes ring our. They'll help you build up some finger strength and get your hands used to the guitar. Work on changing between them though, it'll take absolutely ages at first but that's just how it is at the beginning. Likewise get your right hand used to moving in time and hitting the correct strings, again that's going to take some time.

It'll probably take a couple of months simply for the guitar to stop feeling awkward in your hands and until that happens there's no point trying to do anything complicated.
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