Well its actually 6, I got the Fulltone '70 on Tuesday.

I think I pee'd myself a little today.

I bought the 2 Fulltones, this morning, at my local shop. The rest were hanging from the mailbox, when I got home.

So far, I only tried the two Fulltones. The Mini Deja-Vibe is awesome, as expected. The Choralflange exceeds my expectations.

As opposed to popular opinion, I really like the Choralflange's flanger. It is a bit reserved compaired to my DEM. The chorus can get that detuned sound, which I'm starting to enjoy.

I'm gonna compare the Mini Deja-Vibe against my MicroVibe. So far, they sound pretty similar. Then I'm gonna compare the Choralflange with my Small Clone and DEM.

I'm gonna go give the dirt boxes a try. I'll post a better review in a little bit.

Happy Holidays,

p.s. I don't have any recording gear yet. I priced a M Box and a Shure SM57 this morning. I think I'm gonna go with them too.

Ok, I'm finding out that the russian Big Muff is leaning more towards distortion than fuzz. It sounds really nice though. Very thick tone.

The Lady Stardust, is Mick Ronson in a box. Put a half-cocked wah, humbucker pups, and a british style amp. Then you are set.

I haven't been able to try the boost yet, No extra batteries floating around.

I intended on buying the Choralflange for flipping purposes. Considering that its discontinued. I'm finding out that I'm liking it a lot more than I thought I would. I gonna say that its a keeper.
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