Hey Everyone, I am looking at this American Fender Jazz Bass as a potential purchase. But I cant find out anything about it. Its not a custom shop piece, nor is it a production piece..Kinda somewhere in the middle. Sticker on the headstock states Fender American Designer Edition and it was produced at the Corona Plant in 2001. I have scoured the Internet trying to get the skinny on this instrument, but it appears to be a phantom. Anyone have any info on this beast?


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Any chance of a shot of the serial number? Or any info as to what the serial number is?
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Don't quote me on this...but it may be a custom shop 'production run' instrument. Those are the same tuners as my '89 Precision Plus, and it being a 'phantom' points there too. Sometimes the custom shop guitars can be hard to find out about.
E-mail Fender, they're usually your best bet.