Howdy dear fellow UGers,

So this Christmas I finally got the Hot Rod Deluxe I was long GASing for.

I guess you've heard a lot about the HRD's overdrive channels. I find them very good for what they're for... I can get a great blues crunch and even some Zep tones with the drive knob on 12.
But the need for an OD pedal is also quite well known when you are the proud owner of a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

I've been using a Boss DS-1, which I like very much. But the problem is that it is my brother's DS-1, and I probably won't have it forever. I might buy it from him, though

So, the question is... I'm going to London next week, and since the Pound is really low compared to the Euro, I figured I could get my OD pedal there.
So far I heard great things about EH's Big Muff... I'm a big Pink Floyd fan, and I know the Muff is one of Gilmour's favourites.

Do you think I should get the Big Muff for the distortion tones on my HRD? I plan on playing a lot of Pink Floyd, but I usually play lots of classic Rock, from Hendrix to Zep, and I also need some modern distortion...

I remind you that I already have the DS-1... but is the Big Muff a good choice?

Thanks a lot

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dont buy one from a shop in london, there horribly over priced

ive got the same amp btw love it

ive got a nice Korg overdrive distortion pedal great thing with true bypass and heaps of versatility, great for everything youve said, dual channel if you like? im in london too, id let you have it pretty cheap if you want
I would do it man, overpriced or not you just can't go wrong with a Muff...try to compare prices when in London (if you're going to visit multiple music stores) and look a bit online.
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Go with the Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker. Its around the same price, maybe a little more. You basically get two pedals in one. The NYC RI Big Muff, then you get a Big Muff with tone bypass. Really good pedal for little money.
I have a NY Big Muff pi, for me, the best sounds I can get out of it are smashing pumpkin type tones. Maybe I'm 'doing it wrong' but I get better classic rock (hendrix zep etc) sounds out of my SD-1.
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