i got a dunlop crybaby wah for christmas, so of course i played using it nearly all day and it worked and sounded great.

the next day half way through the day it died on me. it sounds the same, but it doesnt click in when i push on it, so it kinda never turns off which is really annoying. I've heard dunlop makes great quality porducts and im just thinking am i really unlucky or what?!

oh and i have already tried pushing harder, and it does not work.
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take it back bro it sounds like the foot switch is all jacked up
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my on off switch was fooked when bought my crybaby 535q also, but i sent it back to dunlop and they fixed it up for me. fill out the warranty card you get with it in the box and do the same.

the footswitch is most likely out of adjustment. it's under the toe end of the pedal. reach in and click it to be sure.
if this is the case. it only needs to be adjusted.
some people cut the rubber feet on the rocker, but the proper way is to loosen the inside nut, slide the switch upwards, then tighten the outer nut.