i have from 1- a lil over 2 k to spend what should i get?... i was thinking of a les paul or a strat
^ no
Edit, if your spending that much money on a guitar you'll have to try before you buy
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B.C Rich Draco!!!! its beuatiful *tears*

i would pay 2000$ to not own a bc rich
well i mostly play classic rock, blues, occasional alternative, and i have a marshall vintage modern
Check out a paul reed smith guitar.

If you're gonna drop $2000, do it right though. TEST DRIVE IT.
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do not go on guitar forums

there are drugs there

( and ololol there are )
think harder. you've basically said that you have 1-2k and you're thinking of an electric guitar, considering a LP and strat are almost complete polar opposites as far as electric guitars are concerned.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Presumably because the CCF (Combined Corksniffing Forces) of MLP and Gibson forums would rise up against them, plunging the land into war.

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Et tu, br00tz?
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B.C Rich Draco!!!! its beuatiful *tears*

..im a BC Rich fan and those guitars are kinda.....uh....not good.....if you wanna go BC Rich go with a high end Bich or a high end Mockingbird...but not a draco lol
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