Whats up? I have an old big muff pedal, I've used it and it sounds awesome, needs a tune up but otherwise in good condition. I got it from my stepdad who says he got around 1968. I'm curious as to what it may be worth, cuz i'm thinking of selling it. I don't use it anymore. Here is a pic similar to mine only mine doesn't have the on/off switch: http://www.big-muff.net/fx-info.php?picture=64

Can anyone help me out?

what, do youhave an out of control coke addiction?
why are you selling your dad's vintage gear...why don't you give it back to him if you don't want it anymore i'm sure he'd appreciate it.
Damn, just curious thats all man. No need to be rude. Not even sure if I am gonna sell it.