Hey guys... I got a PRS SE custom for christmas and while the tone is amazing, I can't keep it in tune... I bend one string and its totally out of tune... the tremelo itself doesn't seem to do much detuning but I can see the bridge moving when I bend notes. It seems that its mostly my g string that does this and I have the same problem with that string on my epi les paul... could it be my strings? d'addarios .11 to .49's? or would locking tuners help? I'm not all that sure what locking tuners do and I want to make sure they will fix my tuning problems, mostly in the PRS, before I spend to money on them. Hope you guys can help?
hmmm sounds to me like you might need another spring in your trem system. I use 11-48 with mine and it seems to work fine. I recently took my guitar into the shop and had it repaired for some similar but not quite as odd problems. When I got it back, it was in way better condition. The trem is a little stiff, due to a more sturdy tension, but works great none the less. The mistake everyone makes is getting a guitar with a locking feature. lol It's brings pain with pleasure. If that doesn't work, I guess get a smaller gauge of strings
^ An extra spring or two could help with the detuning. Unfortunately, this is a known design flaw with tremelo bridges. When you bend a note it increases string tension on the string being bent and this subsequently pulls more on the tremelo bridge which gives a bit. You can demonstrate this by plucking an open note and then while it's still ringing, bend another note! The first note will lower in pitch. This is one of the reasons I like a hardtail.
Moving on.....
ive got a cheaaaappp tremolo and it stays in tune forever, and its got 3 springs on. So add an extra spring or two to solve. Also replace strings with thick strings, like ernie ball slinkys. I honestly havent had to tune my guitar in months!
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Locking tuners will help.

I picked up some Schaller ones and it helped stabilize the tuning on my strat.

EDIT: On my schallers, after putting the string through the hole on the peg, you tighten a bolt-like-thing and that clamps down the string. This helps keep the string from slipping.