Is there a technique for sweeping, cause Ive looked at numerous lessons on how to sweep and practiced for a long time, but i cant seem to get it. I cant do it at all. Please help!
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Put your fingers on these, like a chord for a second, the 7 is on the high e.
Now pick it in one down stroke, so you'd read it like this
--5------5-------- And yes, this is supposed to sound ugly.
As soon as you get it, try
-5-------------- its a bit less ugly.

And when you hit the 5, you take your finger off of it to mute it, and then you'd pull the 6 off when you hit it, then the 7 when you hit it, to keep the notes individual and short.
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the same old story: practice, practice, practice, practice. it took me forever too, especially 5 string sweeps. you'll get it eventually