I need to buy a Vox VT15 on the internet and I'm looking for the best price possible.

Is the Vox AD15VT "as good" or the new model Vox VT15 is a must have ?

Do you have great websites to buy cheap gear ? I live in Quebec so I can't buy on websites like musiciansfriend or guitarcenter.
i think both are the same.. the only difference are the added affects or cab models of the VT15..if i'm not mistaken..either way, their prices don't differ that much..so it would be wiser to to with the VT15 if you have the money..

i'm sorry about the websites, can't help you much with that..

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well vt has like double the models and some song presets so i would probably go with it if you get it for the same price. although if you can get a cheap used AD, it might be better to go that way.
I think they've taken it a bit over the top with the new ones, I'd just save a lot of money and get the AD15VT, but if you're really bothered about it go for it.

EDIT: Oh and the new ones look a bit annoying for quickly dialing in channels.
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