Got myself a VK112 and Maxon OD-9 yesterday.
I've also got £100 to spend extra. I thought I'd try and improve the tone with this money. I know what wah I want and what eq pedal. Dunlop 535Q wah, MXR 108 EQ pedal. Should I buy one of these pedals or a new speaker for the VK?
I think I'm gonna try and get the celestion 30. Does anyone know a website to buy it from in the UK? Or can anyone suggest a speaker for rock/hard rock/metal but also cleans?

Basically should I get a new speaker, eq pedal or wah?
And what speaker if so? I'm thinking Celestion 30.
if you need some help with your tone, grab an eq, that might sort it out, if you dont, then get a wah,
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I'd go for a speaker.
That's the main thing that holds the VK back, IMO.
I would suggest an Eminence speaker, but I don't know their availability in the UK.
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can someone give me a few speakers that are good for rock - metal that i can get in the uk?

main 3 bands i like playing ratm, qotsa, metallica but i play blues and lighter stuff like that too.
i saw the celestion 30 i think it was off the vk thread.
how about that?