Hey, guys!

Got my first song completed just now, I don't know what to think of it.
Kinda metalcore/newer In Flames-inspired, methinks.

Well, anyway, C4C and all that jazz.

EDIT: I updated/changed the harmonies and the breakdown.
Coviction of the Blind.zip
You shall listen to Kamelot.
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the re entry to your main riff was nice (bar 67-68), and the way it picks up at the end is a good idea but not yet perfect.

you should sustain that last powerchord for a second or two, i think.

bars 47-52 didn't really do much for me, but maybe its just cause its in guitar pro with no drums/bass/vocals.
Yeah, the first part of the breakdown seems like it's lacking something, I agree, but I just can't find a way to "spice" it up.
The second part, with the full bends, I was going for a groove-based, sort of Lamb of God feel, I don't know how I did though.
You shall listen to Kamelot.
This sounded a bit too standard for my taste... Most of the riffs are stock metalcore stuff. It's not a bad song but it sounds too goddamn familiar . This is probably due to the fact that you've created all your riffs around this one scale which i hear a lot in metalcore (don't ask me what it's called ). Not that it's boring (though it would've been if the tempo were slower), but it doesn't manage to grab my attention at all... The leads you've thrown in here and there were nice though and they made for a nice break from al the standardness...
Sorry for the negative crit man...

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Bumpety-bump, if only cause I want response on my updates!
You shall listen to Kamelot.