So I have a Fender Strat, playing it through a Peavey Classic 30 and Xotic BB Preamp pedal. I need a bluesy sound, with nice, somewhat dirty cleans. Something like this but maybe a bit grittier. Not too twangy, but with nice low-end like in the video.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Hell, even this would be good - especially the first 30 seconds or so, and the point at 2:00-2:20
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check out the pickup selector on the dimarzio website, should show you what you need
i just put in some single sized humbuckers into my strat today and it balanced out the tone and gave my cleans a nicer warmer and a bit gritter tone as well as doing wonders with a nice overdrive

edit: some warm humbuckers will do you a lot of good like a dimarzio virtual vintage heavy blues 2
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I've been using Texas Specials in my MIM strat for a couple years now, but I wouldn't recommend them now. For the price I paid, you can do much better. I've since bought similarly priced Lindy Fralin pickups that are in a completely different class from custom shop Fender pickups. I'm fairly convinced that while Fender custom shops make a good upgrade to stock pickups, they're the worst bang for your buck compared to just about any other pickup brand.
Dont change Pickups of a Fender Strat, the result will be disappointing
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If you have an American Strat, then the pickups are probably good.

Reasons to change strat pickups:

- Mexican strat - new pickups/pots and some finishing work by a luthier can make it as good as an American Strat.

- Don't like the sound: Some people don't like the sound of vintage noiseless. The stratocaster is probably the most versatile guitar, in that you can setup for any genre. The proper pickguard, pickups, and pots will allow you to do this.

For a Mayer sound you're going to want some Vintage pickups. He uses "Big Dipper" scooped-midrange pickups...which fender doesn't sell separately from his Stratocaster.

Anyway, I'd send corduroyew a message and ask him to get you a set of pickups to match he sound that you are looking for. He offers great service.
maybe try looking into some seymour duncan single-coils. i have the Alnico II Pro APS-1's and they sound great. they have sound clips on their site, as well.
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I have a MIM strat. It's amazing, I love the tone right now, action's set up perfectly, comfortable, etc.

It's just that I want to tweak my tone further and make it even better.

Heh, mixed bag of responses. Seymour, DiMarzio, all down to the indie companies... man, I don't even know. I'll drop corduroyew a line, thanks for the heads up.

Any other suggestions though? :P

If anyone missed it, I'm actually leaning more towards this sort of tone instead of the Mayer cover. From around 0:20-0:40 and ESPECIALLY from 4:39-5:20 is what I'm talking about. I guess the Mayer cover video represents what I want for cleans, but I want to have that nice bluesy, natural tube overdrive sound. Think Little Wing (both Hendrix/SRV versions), and Under the Bridge as far as clean tones go.
.Fender Classic Series '70s Stratocaster
.Peavey Classic 30
.Xotic BB Preamp
.MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
.Vox V847A Wah
.Boss RC-2 Loop Station
.Washburn WI-24 (first guitar )
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Meh, I don't really know about using the bridge. It's a bit too twangy for me, and I want a warm/round/full kinda sound. I'll probably be slotting this in the neck.
.Fender Classic Series '70s Stratocaster
.Peavey Classic 30
.Xotic BB Preamp
.MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
.Vox V847A Wah
.Boss RC-2 Loop Station
.Washburn WI-24 (first guitar )
I'll agree on the advice to talk to CorduroyEW about your pickups. He makes the pickups on rockmonkeyguitars.com. He'll point you in the right direction, and hand wind you some pickups to your taste, if you want him to.
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