Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has heard much about this and knows what its like... A friend invited me today and it looks like it could be fun.
Anyway apparantly its really important to have a large group of team-members or "family" in it so if anyone does play / is going to play I thought maybe UG players could band together to help each other out.
Anyway if someone does here is my link, (I think I am allowed to post this, if not could a mod pm me or something) and post your own so everyone can see each others.

Incase you didnt have a clue what that was about:
Gangster battle is an application which runs inside facebook.
You need facebook to play this.
Facebook is a social networking site (which lots of people will want to complain about)

*waits for Seth Shadows give-a-****-o-meter*
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Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

Can't we all just get a bong?
Thank you for telling me what Facebook is. Those applications give me the impression that I'd be more productive playing better video games.
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