If this is not the right forum I apologize....

Just got a nice new Shure SM57, cable and mic stand. I have had a Line6 Toneport for the longest time, finally got around to installing it today and trying to use it.

What a pain, so much crap. PDF user manuals is 186 pages...I don't want to use Line6 gearbox crap I got nice amps and pedals and I don't need to use their digital modelling crap. All I really want to do is take the sound I have live in my recording room and transfer that to the computer, no digital modelling crap.

Basically I want to know how can I quickly get started recording? I would like to use Audacity if possible to record, its simple and I know how to use it for the most part. Anyone have experience or advice with the Toneport?

Does toneport not come with ableton lite?
As far as I know it would be better quality recording than audacity