I think i'm going to buy the GK 700RB-II amp (as part of the 700RB-II/210 combo), but there are some basics about it and amps in general that i don't understand.


What do "contour" and "presence" mean? It says in the "rules and FAQ" thread, that presence affects the upper harmonics, which means the frequencies that are even higher than treble. If so, why isn't it just part of the equalizer?

And what does the contour do, when its a knob and not a push-button?
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contour will do the same thing as a push button when it's a knob. It's adjustable as a knob. I believe it's a mid scoop. probably a different frequency or group of frequencies than your eq section can adjust.

Presence will add to a group of higher frequencies helping you to cut through the mix better. Someone else may disagree on presence.this explanation is just what i think from messing with my presence knob.
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