I recently purchased a AD30VT-XL and it is quite a wonderful amp! (considering my last amp was a Marshall MG10)
But I am now anxious that the VT30 is better...

Simply put, which is the better amp?

I mostly play progressive metal but occasionally classic rock as well.
If it helps I am currently using a Yamaha PAC012 electric guitar but I will probably get a Ibanez down the line.
Most people say the XL sounds worse than the normal Valvetronix amps, and that the old Valvetronixes weren't really good for metal at all.

The new ones can apparently do metal alot better than the last series (mostly because they have more metal amp models now) and most say they're a big improvement.
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The VT30 is more versatile with clean and overdrive sounds for bluesier stuff and classic rock, but the high gain channels are pretty heavy and tight for a lot of metal sounds depending on your pickups. The VT50 is coming out soon though and will definitely be better.

You own a AD30VT right? (it says on your profile)

How long have you had it and how has it treated you?
Do you regret that purchase?

*Assuming there is little difference between my model and yours.