Whats a good size for a pick and brand? I play any kind of music just not metal/heavy rock.
I personally use Fender light picks. If you do a lot of tremolo picking it's easier to do it with a medium or heavy gauge, but I manage with light.
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Just try some different ones every once in awhile and see what you like or use best. If you can only play well with one kind of pick you might have a problem.
I play Dunlop Jazz III's. They take some getting used to, but now it feels so much easier than bigger picks.
I prefer medium picks. I use either Fender or Ibanez, and they seem to work well.
I think it's best for you personally to experiment. You might prefer something that people wouldn't generally recommend you.
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i play with the steve vai ibanez picks with a sharp edge. just experimesnt and see waht you find most comfortable
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Dunlop Tortex .88 for my electric & .60 for strumming on the acoutic.
Dunlop Tortex is what i use, though many like jazz iii's

Just buy some and try them, picks are cheap
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Jazz IIIs all the way. Its like instant speed, accuracy, and presence. They just take some getting used to.
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It's all down to what you prefer.

Dunlop Nylon 1mm is what I use.
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Carmel is hawt
I use tortex's, and my favorites are "snarling dogs" in black. I have no idea what the size is, but their the black ones.
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