I have a Marshall Valvestate combo with one Celestion Gold 100Watt speaker at 8 ohms, I am also getting a Mesa Boogie 2x12 Extension cab with 2 Vintage 30 speakers, whole cab is 8 ohms. The combo has an extra plug for speakers. Could i plug in both the speaker in the combo, and the extension cab, totalling 3 speakers? Would it work? Good idea or not?
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as long as the ohmage ends up being ok, you can use any number of speakers you want.
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Yes, you can. Basically, the amp is going to see the Mesa cab as one 8 ohm speaker, and the Celestion as another 8 ohm speaker. If it has parallel speaker outs, it'll run at a total of 4 ohms, which should be ok. The wattage of the amp is going to be divided pretty much 50/50 between the Mesa cab and the internal speaker, though.