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Been wondering whether or not to post here for a while, but I thought that I may as well. I'm a pretty decent bassist (self taught) that can do what needs to be done in a band, whether that be root notes or whatever, I'm not saying I can do a Protest the Hero song on the first attempt but I'm willing to stick at a song until I'm sure that I can't do it. I am currently in a band, which dosn't however provide the metal (it's more Hard Rock), so I'm looking to branch out a bit

I'm currently in Sixth form and am doing A-Levels, so that might become a problem at some points, as I will need to take time for study.

I play a Musicman Stingray V which makes very low tunings, while not impossible, a bit difficult due to it's shorter scale length. I do however have a 4 String Yamaha RBX270 that I would be able to use instead, it dosn't sound nearly as good as the Musicman however.

The kind of stuff I'm looking to play, most forms of Metal (Though I like, Thrash and Melodic Death most) or Metalcore-ish kind of stuff (As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Protest the Hero, hell I'm even partial to a bit of Enter Shikari lol )
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