Lead Guitarist of my band recorded this a while back with his old band but is thinking of using it in our current one as he wrot it. so i removed the guitar on the left and record those parts myself with my tone.

I had a few whiskeys before doing this so theres some minortiming issues in the chrorus

the song is on my profile and is called the midas touch.

All feedback is greatly appreciated.

Oh btw i didnt intend for it to come out so heavy ill let you guys judge whether its good or bad
**** man, that is an awesome song! i headbanged to it every minute, really cool riffs and vocals rocked too, they sounded a bit like russell allen from symphony x on the latest cd. probably the only thing u can do to make that song even better is to increase the lead guitar's volume in the solo cause it sounded a bit low and maybe soften a bit the transitions between slow and fast, but it sounded pretty cool the way it is
if u guys ever become famous, remember me as your 1st UG fan, hopefully
Well this is just a song that he wrote for his old band that never got used.

We're currently working out the kinks in the transitions like you mentioned.

Also the rhythm is a bit loud as i recorded this as a rhythm tone test for the album so i put my rhythm higher in the mix

If you want to be kept updated please add us on myspace..


We shall be putting a new recording up every week as we get the vocals recorded for them after new years.

Thankyou for the feedback
Pretty cool song, keep like that. I liked the vocals. U can count me as the 2nd fan XD

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