So i'm a bit worried about my Dual rect. Whenever i turn it on it makes a weird noise, kind of like a hissing sound but it goes almost instantly. It's brand new so surely the tubes can't have had it already right?
It sounds fine mind you, and i haven't had the chance to properly crank it yet. Could that be another factor?

Also, the tubes in the back don't seem to glow as brightly as the others. Out of the 6, the four on the left seem to glow fine but the other 2 seem to hardly glow at all.
Do i just need to wear them in a bit?

And finally, there is a smell being given off the amp. It's not exactly noticeable, but if you get close and give it a big wiff then you can tell theres a smell.
I know that new tubes often give off a smell so it could be just this right? Is it harmful?

Thanks for any help.
Hissing could be normal tube amp interferance noise and so on. The two tubes in question could be the recto's. The smell could be due to the amp being new and the tubes wearing in example plastic and paint used on tubes for branding.

But thats all guessing without getting specifics...
wear it in, check the tubes tho

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