I want to get a new pedal i already have a wah pedal so,
1. What is a good multi effect pedal or one effect pedal?(i just want something to mess with, since im not in a band at the moment)

(price range below $95)
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Digitech has a whole bunch of multi fx pedals for <$95.

If you are new and starting out, maybe try the RP50 for
$50 (or less used) just to get a feel for a lot of different sounds and fx. It's not going to be the end-all in your tone quest, but it's small, portable, pretty versatile, and doesn't cost much. It also has a decent tuner and drum machine for rhythm practice.

By the time you eventually outgrow the RP50 you will have a much better direction on where you want to go for amp/fx, and you won't be out much money for gear you no longer have much interest in.

BTW, I've used an RP50 to gig with. It's not optimal due to the delay time in switching channels, but it works fine if you don't have to switch settings during a song. I've since moved on, tho, and still use it as a practice device.
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i used the rp50 before i liked it, i might get the set up from it not sure yet, im gonna go to guitar center tomorrow or sometime next week, and i've been playing for a year or so.
I play guitar.
what would let me get a classic rock sound and a modern rock sound?
I play guitar.